New Client Website – Marvel Technologies Inc.

marvel-tech-incMost recently I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a local inventor and associate of mine by the name of Darin Chaika.  Darin has developed a proprietary technology dubbed a Haptic Puppet and I was happy to be able to design and develop the website to showcase his  new invention.

The website was built using bootstrap 4.0 with a mobile first strategy, is completely responsive, and works with all browsers. We decided to use a single page design and utilize modal boxes to allow visitors to the site the ability to access additional information about Darin and his invention without navigating away from the home page.

I would like to thank Darin for the opportunity to work with him on building



Why is it so Dusty in Here?

So my last post was in 2013…Wow! I really did not think it had been that long since I had done anything with this blog of mine. Why did I decide after 3 years to spend my Wednesday evening brushing off this blog with a fresh re-design and writing this post? Well if you have nothing better to do with your time, read on and I will tell you my story.

Recently I have been pursuing a part time education on Web Development, Its a lot of fun learning, it’s so very large and unwieldy (much like myself!), but really exciting and interesting at the same time. It may only ever be a hobby for me but I seem to be able to while away the evenings hunched over my computer swearing like a mad man whilst trying to get my CSS to work.

My goals for this blog are to not only contribute content more than once every three years, but also to actually write content and not just link to cool articles on other websites with the odd movie trailer thrown in for good measure. I mean I will still do those things, but I would like to write my own stuff as well.

What do I want to write about? Well… I have no idea, but I promise promise promise no more reviews of restaurants that I ate at. WTF was I thinking? I am not a food critic, I just like to eat, so…there will probably be some articles about food.